Our Strategic Partnership Program

Thanks to our ever expanding business relationships, Brokersourcing.com is now able to offer a one of a kind bonus structure to our clients. In most cases, when an IB or money manager places business with a broker, all they receive is topical round-turn commissions. We are proud to introduce our “Strategic Partnership Program!” This Programs enables our qualifying IB's and money managers to receive a bonus from what the broker makes on your clients.

** As part of our “Strategic Partnership Program” we are able to provide our X-treme FX VPS, custom branded at no cost for select partners clients.

You will have the opportunity to receive compensation that doesn't end with your round turns! The bonus will derive from your total portfolio, far beyond your normal income stream including: “Swaps” and “Net Positioning” just to name a few. As you know, these area's are not normally shared with partners. This could more than double your typical income. We are only able to offer this program to qualified IB's and money managers.

Our Preferred Partnership Program

Our “Preferred Partnership Program” offers a unique referral opportunity. It allows you to refer customers needing products and services that your company doesn't provide and turn it into residual income, as well as receive top tier referral priority in return. If you refer them to us, you’d receive 10% of the net profit generated from that referral for one year. You will also receive 5% of all business stemming from that tree during that time.

We would be responsible for ensuring the client is happy with our product or service. Brokersourcing.com is a network hub for liquidity, technology and marketing as well as a wide range of related resources. We constantly network these products and services on a priority basis to our preferred partners.
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