Liquidity Broker Concept has agreements with several ASIC and EU Regulated Prime Brokers and other regulated liquidity providers. Our “Liquidity Broker Concept” covers 3 continents, reaching close to 80% of the worlds Forex volume and all major financial markets.

This gives maximum executable market depth with servers located across the globe. We have found that a large percentage of our partners fall into two categories. The first category is a broker that requires a Straight Through Processing (STP) solution, large executable liquidity with market-neutral execution and minimal latency.

The second category is a broker who is looking to internalize much of their Book to increase profits. We offer a total solution to manage, maximize and execute your Book based on predetermined rules utilizing a state of the art proprietary Smart Engine. Our partners can offer up to 25 different markets, including: Stocks, Bonds, Futures, Forex, ETFs, CFDs, Metals, Vanilla Options and more via our 4.4 fixed API direct to your platform. We eliminate any unnecessary fee's that can impact profitability, with variable spreads close to zero and very deep executable market depth. (On Majors)

Prime Broker Points
- ASIC & EU Regulated Prime Brokers
- Prime Broker Tier 1 Liquidity
- No Monthly Fee's or Connection Costs (Subject to volume)
- Liquidity Analytics (To Maximized Flow Profitability)
- 20 Banks and Non-Banks w/Smart Flow Routing Execution (Vetted for quality)
- Ultra Tight Spreads on Gold

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